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Mercedes Rose was born to be a performer. She has always realized this — and, steadily, the rest of the world is recognizing it too.

Blessed with a perfect name for an actress, an endless supply of enthusiastic determination, and little desire to pursue any other career path... she has built up a very impressive resume in the latter half of a lifetime of following an impulse to be the center of attention.

Mercedes does it all.

She has appeared in feature films (What The Bleep? Do We Know, the Train Master series), network television (TNT's Leverage), commercials, voice-over work (notably, as Princess Rosalina in several popular Nintendo game titles), performing stand-up and sketch comedy, as a spokesperson/host, and most recently as one of the stars (and creators) of new media sensation, The Haunting Of Sunshine Girl.

While truly living the dream of working full-time in the entertainment industry, Mercedes has never felt the need to leave her native Oregon for another market. She is thrilled to be able to make her living at or near home, and has the always-effervescent attitude to prove it.

When not acting, she stays busy producing an insanely popular web series, The Haunting Of Sunshine Girl, which has a YouTube channel with millions of total views and subscribers worldwide. Somehow, Mercedes also finds time to serve as a resource for her fellow performers by writing a regular blog for Backstage Unscripted, and creating a vlog, called The Lazy Actor -- which she most certainly is not.

This is the life she has always pictured herself living, and nothing seems to slow her down. If you want to make her really happy, have plenty of Diet Coke at the ready!



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